China to reveal new commercial carrier rockets

As per the latest buzz, China has launched its brand new model of commercial carrier rockets which is assumed to carry a payload of almost 1.5 tonne because it ready to compete with Asian nation, India in order to engage the profitable worldwide space launch industry. The modern generation of long rocket series composes a merger of solid fuelled rockets secret word the Smart Dragon (SD) family as well as a Tenglong which is a liguid-propellant rocket that has been released by the China Rocket.  It is a commercial space section of Chinese top rocket-maker   China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

The new group of rockets were mainly utilized for capturing the increase potential of global as well as domestic commercial space launches, reported by the source. These rockets have a massive capacity to fulfil the needs of the most trending launch missions for the national and international commercial satellites.

Chine has implemented space project with target to Moon has enlarge plans to expand its mission to Mars besides establishing its own enduring space station by 2022. However, China’s space industry lags behind in captivating the worldwide commercial rocket industry unlike India. According to the news, Tenglong rocket is anticipated to successfully mark its maiden flight in the year of 2021.

The CEO of the China Rocket, Tang Yagang said that the long series of the commercial carrier rockets are specifically designed to meet the growing industry demand for dispatching commercial payloads into orbit both at mainland and abroad.

The SD rocket family is built up of the SD-1,-2,-3 launch cars. The SD family’s first model called as the SD-1, concluded its maiden flight on 17th of August, whose carrying ability was around 200 kg, and it is assumed to carry out nearly 20 launch missions yearly.